Iqbal Husain wins the 2022 Outstanding Engagement Award

Iqbal Husain has received the 2022 Outstanding Engagement Award from the Univerity Office Outreach & Engagement!

Iqbal Husain, ABB Distinguished Professor and Director of the FREEDM Center, has received the 2022 Outstanding Engagement Award from the Univerity Office Outreach & Engagement! This award is to encourage and recognize outstanding extension, engagement, and economic development activities by faculty and EHRA employees of NC State University. They are directly parallel in intent to the University’s Outstanding Teaching Awards.

The period of evaluation of achievements is the preceding five calendar years to June 30, 2022. Any full-time faculty or EHRA employee whose primary responsibility is teaching, research, or the execution of extension work, as well as academic department heads of the University, are eligible.

Faculty and EHRA have a unique and fundamental role within land-grant universities. They assess needs, develop appropriate programs to address those needs, and often work outside the traditional classroom. Their objectives are to provide education and assistance that will help people make decisions and solve problems. Faculty members team with professional peers to see that relevant knowledge and technology are brought to bear on clients’ problems. Faculty and EHRA staff must demonstrate expertise in their disciplines as well as the ability to interpret, synthesize, adapt, and convey knowledge and information through traditional and nontraditional methods.

Nominees for the Outstand Engagement Award are evaluated but the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension (AOFEE). This academy has been comprised of winners of the college-level Outstanding Extension Service Award. Membership recognizes outstanding extension work and continues until the faculty member leaves the University or retires.

Husain was recognized at the Outreach & Engagement Awards Celebration on April 25th! Congratulations on your award, Husain!

Iqbal Husain

ABB Distinguished Professor
Director, FREEDM Center
 100-19 Keystone Science Center
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