CAREER: Engineering Ultra-Wide Bandgap III-Nitride Devices for Highly Efficient and Robust Electronics

The PI, located at North Carolina State University (NCSU), will mentor post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students and develop educational materials for K-12 students.

This CAREER award aims to create highly efficient and reliable switches and diodes from ultra wide bandgap Al-rich III-Nitride materials. The PI at NC State will work to overcome technical challenges, such as forming low-loss and temperature-stable contacts and integrating components with other materials to expand functionality. This process will include mentoring post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students and developing educational materials for K-12 students.


Principle Investigators

Spyridon Pavlidis

More Details

The objective of this CAREER award is to demonstrate highly efficient and robust switches and diodes using ultra wide bandgap Al-rich III-Nitrides. Engineering solutions will be developed to overcome current technical barriers, including the development of accurate models, formation of low-loss and temperature-stable contacts and heterogeneous integration with other materials to enhance functionality.