Distinguished Alumni

Paul E. Green

This distinguished engineer earned his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1948. He is Staff Member of the International Business Machines Corporation’s Corporate Technical Committee, and his major interests are centered on speech and signal processing, network performance modeling, decentralized network architectures and protocols, and fault monitoring in large computer networks.

Prior to joining IBM in 1969, he was on the staff of the Lincoln Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This outstanding electrical engineer has made major contributions to a number of communications and radar innovations. He co-invented and developed the RAKE anti-multipath technique, performed early radar studies of Venus, and invented planetary range-Doppler mapping. He also led the Laboratory’s development of an experimental Large Aperture Seismic Array.

A Fellow of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, he has served as Chairman of the IEEE Information Theory Group. He is recipient of the 1980 Aerospace Pioneer Award. He was honored in 1981 with election to the National Academy of Engineering.