Our Values

We are a community of scholars.

Our primary purpose is to understand the world more deeply, and to creatively use that understanding to improve the human condition.

Diversity makes us stronger.

Our understanding is deepened and our creativity enhanced by different points of view. People from all backgrounds and walks of life should feel welcome in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

We are respectful to everyone.

As a community of scholars, we are able to discuss difficult and controversial issues. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe because of their opinions, beliefs, ethnics or racial background, gender, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.

We are the Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students Building Community

Amongst the variety of student organizations involved with ECE, some of these groups focus on ensuring that people from all identities, walks of life, and backgrounds have opportunities to lead. These are just some of the uplifting student groups on campus that provide a home for every individual.

Graduate Student Association

The ECE GSA represents the graduate student body in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as in the University GSA.

This gives ECE graduate students an active voice in the department and acts as an open forum to discuss concerns they may have with the department. In addition, through social, professional, and academic events, the ECE-GSA fosters unity among the ECE graduate students, promotes the academic and professional development of the graduate students, and enhances the quality of ECE graduate student life. The ECE-GSA also sponsors intramural teams, competitions, and seminars, as well as providing the ECE graduate students with opportunities to volunteer in and serve their community.

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ECE Student Ambassadors

The ECE Student Ambassador program started during the 2015-2016 academic year and is a team of diverse and dynamic student leaders committed to the NC State motto of Think and Do!

Ambassadors are representatives of the Department and University and exemplify professionalism and campus pride. Students chosen for the program eagerly contribute their time facilitating campus tours and hosting special events targeted to prospective students and their families, industry representatives, and the community at large.

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FIRST Alumni at NC State

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is an international robotics program for students of all ages. FIRST exposes these students of not just the principles of STEM but soft skills and core life skills. The FIRST Alumni Association at NC State provides volunteering with high school students in remote underserved communities, as well as networking and social opportunities to alumni of For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) programs on NC State's campus.

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Women in ECE

The Women in ECE (WiECE) is an organization led by women and female-identifying students who are studying Electrical & Computer Engineering at NC State University.

The organization was created to provide a safe and welcoming space for female-identifying students and their advocates to learn and grow as leaders in ECE & STEM. WiECE provides social, academic, and professional networking and mentoring opportunities for BS, MS & Ph.D. women and female-identifying students in the department.

Additionally, the group aims to connect students and community members with STEM opportunities for engagement and enrichment to the academic community.

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Educational Opportunities

We think and do best together when we embrace diverse people and perspectives. To successfully solve the grand challenges in our world, we must ensure that our engagement builds on the accessibility and inclusion that furthers innovation and excellence at NC State.

NC State offers diversity training modules tailed specifically for faculty, staff, and students—with faculty and staff required to take their modules on an annual basis.

Campus Allies

Understanding the challenges faced by students, faculty, and staff from varied backgrounds, NC State hosts trainings, workshops, and activities to help participants understand and address the needs of communities.

Long-standing examples include Project SAFE and the GLBT Advocate Program, designed to prepare participants to understand and address the needs of GLBTQ students and create inclusive environments; and the Green Zone Alliance, which provides resources and knowledge to help faculty, staff, and students understand and appreciate the unique challenges, strengths, and skills of student veterans.

Showcasing Voices

ECE students, faculty, staff, and alumni come from all walks of life, from every corner of the state of North Carolina and the world. They come together with a shared purpose to create a better world for all. 

We take pride in acknowledging our different backgrounds, perspectives, and identities, while acknowledging the challenges our community faces and doing all we can to support them and embody our values. 


A personal statement from Dean Martin-Vega for the College of Engineering community

A personal statement from Dean Martin-Vega for the College of Engineering community

Dean Louis Martin-Vega released a personal statement in the wake of increased incidents of discrimination against Asians, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

ACM Service Award Recognizes Dixit for Strengthening Computing Community

ACM Service Award Recognizes Dixit for Strengthening Computing Community

Congratulations tor associate teaching professor Arati Dixit, 2020 receipient of the Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award for contributing to the growth and diversity of Indian women in computing.

Seeking to Change the Stigma in STEM

Seeking to Change the Stigma in STEM

As a sophomore in ECE, Lauren White knows how difficult it can be adjusting to college. As a female member of the LGBTQ community from out of town, the task of fitting in seemed extra daunting…

Engineering a More Inclusive Campus

Engineering a More Inclusive Campus

Timothy Humphrey ’96 recently created two endowments with one extraordinary goal: promoting opportunities to create a more diverse, inclusive campus.

Where His Career Began: Irwin Holmes

Where His Career Began: Irwin Holmes

At the dedication of Holmes Hall on November 1, 2018, Irwin Holmes shares how his exemplary career began with the help of faculty while a student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at NC State.

Duke Energy Grant to Fund Renewable Energy, Diversity Efforts at NC State

Duke Energy Grant to Fund Renewable Energy, Diversity Efforts at NC State

Duke Energy CEO, President and Vice Chairman Lynn Good announced today a $2.5 million grant to North Carolina State University to support research in renewable energy and efforts to attract and retain underrepresented groups in the university’s College of Engineering.