Low Cost Resonance Damping for Grid-tied Converters

Grid connected power electronic converters, such as industrial motor drives and PV inverters, require filters to reduce harmonics. LCL filters are a cost effective means to meet the required standards for total harmonic distortion, but they require an explicit resonance damping strategy. Passive (resistive) damping methods are lossy and expensive, and active damping methods require additional sensors which also increase system costs. This presentation will describe recent work by FREEDM and Danfoss to develop an observer-based strategy for active damping that does not require additional sensors beyond those already used for commercial converter applications. Ph.D. candidate M A Awal will describe how the system works and provide some hardware testing results.

M A Awal

Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State University

Date: September 24, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Location: FREEDM Systems Center

FREEDM Technical Webinar

At the FREEDM Center, we’re building the internet of energy: a network of distributed energy resources that intelligently manages power using secure communications and advanced power electronics. Our research priorities include power electronics packaging, controls theory, solid state transformers, fault isolation devices, and power systems simulation and demonstration.