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Engineering First Year

CODA is the admissions application to be accepted into an actual department. Students wishing to major in ECE regardless of being EFY (i.e. Exploratory studies or any other major) should take CODA classes and can apply to CODA just like EFY students.

EFY students have priority over other students in registration for ECE classes, but others can get permission to take ECE courses from the EFY Advisor in ECE.

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Undergraduate Highlights

ECE 200 Course

Both Electrical and Computer Engineering majors take the same foundation courses (Intro to ECE Laboratory, Computer Systems Programming, Electric Circuits, Foundation of Logic Design, and Analytical Foundations of ECE.

ECE 300 Courses

Students must CODA into EE, EE REES, or CPE to take 300 courses. Students wishing to dual-enroll must follow the CPE curriculum, and adding 3 extra classes—1 foundation elective and two electrical engineering electives.

Students can also follow the Electrical Engineering pathway with a concentration in REES.

Students doing really well (> 3.5 GPA) can enroll in the Accelerated Master’s degree and can complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years


EE students must take 2 courses within a specialization area. CPE students must take 2 courses in any area of Computer Engineering.

Electrical Engineering

    • Communication & Signal Processing Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Circuits & Electromagnetic Systems
    • Nano Systems
    • Power Systems

Computer Engineering

    • Computer Architecture & Systems
    • Embedded Systems
    • Networking Systems
    • Software Systems

Co-op program

Alternating semesters of full-time study and full-time paid, major-related job experience

Usually, start work experience during sophomore or junior years

Attend Co-op orientation and meet with the coordinator before applying