Finding Out Why From Our Alumni

Reconnecting with our alumni and keeping them engaged with events, activities, and connections, while sharing their stories with the NC State community and students.

Reasons to Stay Engaged

Stay updated on program information, growth and find out about ways you can connect!

NC State, the College of Engineering, ECE, and Raleigh are constantly going through changes. As our program grows and excels, we want you to know about it! Our successes are ultimately your successes and we want you to be the first to know.

Want to share your experiences? Talk to students about what to expect when they graduate? Share advice that you wish you were given when you were a student? By staying engaged with the program, you will be given opportunities to mentor and connect with current students or even other alums.

Networking opportunities abound!

Looking for a job? Looking to fill a position? What better place to start your search than through NC State connections. Stay engaged and connect with others to expand your network.

Networking opportunities may include both on and off-campus socials, corporate-sponsored events, on-campus activities and sporting events, end-of-year celebrations, and speaker series.

This year, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering invested in creating an Alumni Relations Position. As of early October, Stefani Ashkinazy was hired and is now leading the way in our goal of keeping alumni engaged in ways that we have not done before.

“Keeping alumni engaged and interested is an important factor for the success of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program. Bringing alumni back to campus, having them engage with us on social media, attending socials are just a few ways I plan on helping to build ECE’s Alumni Network. We want current students and even prospective students to know these alumni, not just to see the direct success of the program but to use as a resource. Networking is such an important aspect of life as many things come from who you know, not always what you know. Connecting with people in the same field as you is just as important to the success one will have after graduating.”

Along with helping to coordinate events for engagement, Ashkinazy will be looking to create an Ambassador and Mentoring Program.

“The goal is to get more alumni engaged as early as possible. The earlier that they participate, the longer that they will stay engaged,” explained Ashkinazy.

The Department has also been actively connecting with alumni at our key employers, showcasing these impressive graduates in an ongoing series of videos—Find Out Why From Our Alumni.

“We’re talking to our alumni in industry and capturing their story,” described Charles Hall, the Digital Communications Manager in the department.

“Why they got interested in electrical or computer engineering, why they chose NC State, why they came to their employer, and why they love what they do.”

If you haven’t already, connect with us on social media! We are in the process of revamping the LinkedIn NC State ECE Alumni & Students Group. We will be posting updates, invites and providing ways to stay connected.

Interested in being featured within our monthly newsletter or know someone that has a story to tell? Have an idea or want to see us somewhere specific, reach out to us at

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