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10 mins till showtime!! See you on YouTube!
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Can wait for y’all to join us tomorrow morning—we’ve got a fantastic lineup, with Vincent Medenilla’s real look at experiences as a student, and Frankie Myers bringing everything home with a challenge and maybe dinos 🦕…. And don’t forget some fantastic memories and words from peers, faculty and staff. Class of 2021–this is all for you. ...

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On Friday at 10am EST, join us for a live Celebration of Graduates broadcast from EB2, recognizing the fantastic Class of 2021—featuring alum Frankie Myers, who led the development of the first rapid at-home COVID-19 test, and the ECE Class of 2021's Vincent Medenilla! ...

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It’s a beautiful morning on @centennialcampus for #LDOC! Best of luck everyone in your exams, and we can’t wait to see you back in this photo! #ncstateoncampus ...

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