We are committed to enhancing your relationship with our Department, our current students, and your fellow alumni. Contact with old classmates, keep up with the goings-on of the ECE Department, find out how to network with others in your profession, and learn how to lend your support towards the ECE students, faculty and staff.

ECE Alumni Mentoring Program

Each semester, ECE Alumni are paired with either a Graduate or Undergraduate student and asked to meet for one hour, once a month.  Matches are made based on a number of things, including hobbies and student/mentor industry interests. This mentoring program gives an opportunity for Alumni to connect with ECE students in a way to share experiences and help students broaden their professional network.

Applications are accepted year-round.

Alumni Conversations

Are you interested in connecting with students and other Alumni? The ECE Department is looking for Alumni to participate with Conversations with Alumni – a new speaker series where current students and other Alumni are given the opportunity to hear from you!  Share stories, experiences, and provide advice for both current students and alumni.

If interested, please fill out the interest form, and our Alumni Relations and Event Specialist will be in contact with you.

_pace, the Final Frontier

_pace, the Final Frontier

In a triumphant return to Astronomy Days at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, astronaut Christina Koch spells out how even a simple game of Scrabble can take an unexpected turn when you’re floating in zero gravity.

ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

The purpose of this extraordinary honor is to celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. With more than 16,000 ECE alumni, only a select number will be chosen as ECE Alumni Hall of Fame members, making this a truly noteworthy distinction.

ECE Newsletter

The ECE Newsletter is sent out monthly to keep alumni and friends up-to-date with the most current goings-on of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

It includes major ECE news stories, upcoming events, and information on how to support the department. There are no restrictions on who can sign up for the ECE Newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Stay Connected with NC State

You joined a community for life on the day you enrolled at NC State, and the pride, loyalty, and relationships that you built on campus will long outlast your student days. They are for life.

Keep in contact with your fellow alumni by making sure all your NC State Alumni Association information is up-to-date. The University, the College of Engineering, and the ECE Department use this information to stay in contact with you.


Updating your NC State Alumni Association Information

Change your address and other contact information at

Update your information online, visit Wolfpack Connect. Once you register, you can view your listing and make changes.

Use the Class Notes tool for publication online and, at your request, NC State magazine.

Kaitlyn Godfrey

Kaitlyn Godfrey

Career and Alumni Specialist

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Anna Knight

Director of Development