EAGER: A Novel Route for High Activation of Implanted P-Type Regions in Vertical Gallium Nitride Devices

This project is being carried out at NC State University (NC State).

NC State researchers are proposing a novel route to create highly doped p-type GaN using solid phase epitaxy (SPE). SPE involves converting a metastable amorphous layer containing dopants into a crystalline layer through low temperature anneals. In other semiconductors, SPE has been found to reduce damage, increase active dopant concentrations beyond the solid solubility limit and improve power and RF performance. This project is examining the feasibility and efficacy of SPE in GaN devices.


Principle Investigators

Veena Misra
Bongmook Lee

More Details

This project proposes a novel route for highly doped p-type in GaN using the process of solid phase epitaxy (SPE) after implantation. This SPE process involves the conversion of a metastable amorphous region containing the targeted p-type dopant (e.g. Mg) into a crystalline region through modest temperature anneals. In prior work on other semiconductors, SPE has shown to result in increased active dopant concentration that is in great excess of the solid solubility limit, decreased damaged, reduced channeling and lower temperature operation. All these characteristics are highly desirable for GaN vertical devices and warrant investigation of SPE in GaN. The proposed research aims to solve the fundamental problem in GaN devices towards power and RF device.