Hall of Fame 2015

Clayton Scott Hinnant

After earning a BS – Electrical Engineering degree from North Carolina State University in 1968, Scotty Hinnant achieved the position of Senior Vice-President and Chief Nuclear Officer at a large US electric utility company that owned and operated a fleet of five nuclear units. Accomplishments were based on strong technical and business qualifications and hands-on expertise and experience in engineering, construction, startup testing, strategic planning, business unit development, and performance improvement of nuclear power plants.

After retirement, his executive experience has been utilized through a consulting business to perform independent safety reviews of operating nuclear power plants, and to advise US and international organizations constructing or considering the construction of new nuclear power plants.

I am from a poor Eastern NC family and attended a small rural public high school. These factors did not prevent me from receiving a BS-Electrical Engineering degree from a great university. It is most often the focus, motivation, and determination that determine whether you make it through both the educational and business worlds. Stay focused and you can be successful!