Hall of Fame 2015

John L. Prince

John L. Prince graduated from Southern Methodist University with high honors and attended graduate school at NC State with an NSF Fellowship where he honed his skills as a research engineer at Research Triangle Institute.

Believing that industry experience was important, Prince began his career at Texas Instruments, Inc., before moving to Clemson University where he continued semiconductor research and achieved the rank of Professor. Later, he was Director of Reliability Assurance for Intermedics, Inc., and learned much about the medical device industry.

Returning to academia as Professor in the ECE department at University of Arizona in 1983, Prince directed research centers focused primarily on electronic packaging and taught microelectronics courses. He had great respect for students who wanted to learn and did all he could to encourage them. On sabbatical he served as Distinguished Visiting Scientist and Acting Director of Packaging Sciences for Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC).

Prince was awarded the rank of IEEE Fellow in 1990, SRC Inventor Award in 1988, the 1988 Semiconductor International Technology Achievement Award, and Arizona Innovator of the Year in 1991. Through the years he served on scientific advisory committees to the Department of Defense.

A plaque presented at the 2006 IEEE 10th Workshop on Signal Propagation on Interconnects in Berlin, Germany, states:
“Remembering John L. Prince
Provocative yet Calm, Curious yet Courteous,
Visionary yet Pragmatist, Challenging yet Friendly
This was the legacy of John!
A dear colleague and friend, whose
activities and vision had a profound impact on our
engineering community”