Robin E. Manning

Robin E. Manning

Inducted in 2015

Rob Manning is the vice president of transmission for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Power Delivery and Utilization research sector. In this role Manning has overall management and technical responsibility for the annual research activities conducted by EPRI’s transmission programs in collaboration with its global membership.

Following graduation from NC State, Manning joined Duke Energy in 1978 and served as process owner for energy delivery, vice president of electrical standards, vice president of electric transmission and distribution, vice president of gas pipeline engineering, and vice president of operations for the Carolinas before leaving for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 2008. Manning served as the executive vice president of Power Delivery and chief external relations officer for TVA.

Manning has chaired or served on the board of a number of industry organizations. He currently leads One Heart Global Ministries, an Ecuadorian based ministry organization. He formerly served on the University of Houston Engineering Leadership Board, and serves as the current president of the North Carolina State Engineering Foundation Board.

Manning earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration from Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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