Hall of Fame 2016

Tom Bradicich

Dr. Thomas M. Bradicich is Vice President and General Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), leading a global business unit for Servers and IoT Systems, responsible for P&L, R&D, and customer experience. He directs the four HPE Discovery Labs and IoT Innovation Labs. He received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1983 from NC State University.

Dr. Bradicich and his team incepted HPE’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and launched the Edgeline™ Converged IoT Systems line. His products received an InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award, the ARM TechCon Best of Show, a CRN Product of the Year Award, an IT Brand Pulse Leader Award, and the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant.

At IBM, Dr. Bradicich was an IBM Fellow, R&D VP, and CTO for IBM’s x86 Servers. He led the design of IBM’s first notebook computer, worked on the first smart phone, led IBM’s xArchitecture™, and the IBM BladeCenter™, PureFlex™, and PureSystem™ architectures. Dr. Bradicich was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology, received the IBM CEO Award, and several management awards. He was an R&D Fellow at National Instruments, creating its big data strategy and program for product reliability and availability.

He conceived the trademarks HPE Edgeline™ Systems, IBM xArchitecture™ Systems, IBM MXT™ Memory, and National Instruments Big Analog Data™, and co-founded seven industry standards and trade associations.

Dr. Bradicich interviews regularly with the media, blogs on the business of technology and leadership, and is currently writing the book, The First Mover, discussing his experiences in business leadership and technical innovation. He delivers keynotes for industry events, received a Telly Award, two Intel Awards, holds several patents and the BSEE, MSEE, and Ph.D.. Dr. Bradicich is on the Dean’s Advisory Board, University of Florida, and the adjunct faculty at several universities. In 2016, he was named in Computer Reseller News’ Top 25 Disruptors and Top 100 IT Executives.

When you cast a new vision and people don’t get it, don’t be discouraged, that’s a good sign. It means the idea is likely novel, and breaking new ground. That is, if everybody gets its right away, the idea is likely not that profound.