Hall of Fame 2016

William Nussey

Mr. William C. Nussey started his first software company while in high school. As co-founder, he helped develop enhanced graphics software for one of the earliest microcomputers. He co-founded his second company, Da Vinci Systems, from his dorm room in North Carolina State University. As CEO, he grew the company to become one of the most widely used applications in the world. When he sold the company in 1994, Da Vinci Systems had more than 3 million users in 45 countries.

Mr. Nussey later joined Greylock, a venture capital firm based out of Boston and Silicon Valley. He spent several years investing in early Internet companies and ultimately left to run one of the firm’s largest investments—Internet consulting firm iXL. As CEO, Mr. Nussey helped lead iXL through several years of 250 percent annual growth, a successful IPO and, ultimately achieving annualized revenues close to $500 million. While at iXL, Mr. Nussey was named the most influential consultant in the world by Consulting Magazine.

After iXL, Mr. Nussey became CEO of Silverpop, a leading cloud-based digital marketing company. When Silverpop was acquired by IBM in 2014, it had 500 employees, nearly $100 million in revenue and served 5,000 organizations across 42 countries. In 2015, Mr. Nussey was promoted to VP Corporate Strategy to work with IBM’s CEO and top executives in setting the company’s overall direction. In 2016, Mr. Nussey left IBM to pursue his decade-long passion for the distributed, renewable energy industry. His first project, a book, is due out in late 2017.

Mr. Nussey has served on the board of numerous technology companies and nonprofits. He is the author of several publications, including The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing and has received several patents. Mr. Nussey received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University in 1987 and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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