Joel Trussell

Professor Emeritus
Joel Trussell

Joel joined the faculty of N.C. State University in 1980 having worked for 11 years in image processing at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Joel's research interests include estimation theory, color imaging, signal and image restoration and reconstruction, and new mathematical techniques applied to signal processing. Specific applications include color measurement and reproduction, image restoration, system characterization, and improved signal measurement.


Georgia Institute of Technology 1967 B.S. in Applied Mathematics
Florida State University 1968 M.S. in Mathematics
University of New Mexico 1976 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Awards & Honors

1994 - IEEE Fellow for contributions to the theory of multidimensional signal restoration and reproduction 1993 - SP Paper Award, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 1967 - NDEA Fellowship, Florida State University

Recent Publications

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