Seth Hollar

Assistant Teaching Professor


The focus of my work is high-technology entrepreneurship with both an educational and market-driven empahsis. More specifically I an involved in a) entrepreneurship in transportation, b) the NC State Engineering Entrepreneurs Program, c) the NC State entrepreneur's initiative, and d) Wiser Systems.

In transportation, my work addresses automated public transit ground transportation with an emphasis on lower-cost solutions for commercialization (ecoPRT).

In the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP), I teach the entrepreneurially focused year-long senior design course which is cross-listed with electrical engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering (ECE 482, MAE 482, ECE 483, and MAE 483). This course represents an alternative to discipline-focused senior design. In this course students receive a multidisciplinary experience, they self-select their teams, prove initial ideas to customers, and emulate a start-up. The successful students in this class tend to be very creative, self-driven, deal well with uncertainty, and do not treat the class as any other class but take it more seriously. It is particularly rewarding to see their concepts take hold, e.g., most recently a peanut butter jar concept that received national exposure.

In the campus-wide Entrepreneurship Initiative, I serve as the manager of the Entrepreneur's Garage and hold the title of Entrepreneur in Residence which refers to my providing assistance to student entrepreneurs.

In Wiser Systems, I serve as the Chief Technology Officer. Wiser Systems is a Wireless RF company located in the Tech Incubator on Centennial Campus.

Outside of work, I enjoy biking (to and from work) and am involved in community activism.


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