Enhancing QoS in Beamforming Networks

We address the problem of enhancing Quality-of-Service (QoS) in power constrained, mobile relay beamforming networks, by controlling the motion of the relaying nodes. We consider a time slotted system, where the relays update their positions before the beginning of each time slot. Adopting a spatiotemporal stochastic field model of the wireless channel, we propose a novel 2-stage stochastic programming formulation for specifying the relay positions at each time slot, such that the QoS of the network is maximized on average, based on causal Channel State Information (CSI) and under a total relay transmit power budget. Via the Method of Statistical Differentials, the motion control problem considered is shown to be approximately equivalent to a set of simple subproblems, which are solved in a distributed fashion, one at each relay. Numerical simulations are also presented, corroborating the efficacy of the proposed approach.

Dr. Athina Petropula

The State University of New Jersey

Date: April 2, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Location: Engineering Building III, Room 2213

Interdisciplinary Distinguished Seminar Series

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosts a regularly scheduled seminar series with preeminent and leading reseachers in the US and the world, to help promote North Carolina as a center of innovation and knowledge and to ensure safeguarding its place of leading research.