ParaPower: Leveraging Finite Difference Simulator for Quick Thermal Design

Presented is an introduction to ParaPower, a new open-source FDA simulator from the Army Research Lab. The tool is demonstrated on a solid-state circuit breaker under
transient fault conditions and compared to COMSOL. A quick temperature and stress analysis for different environmental conditions (heat coefficient and ambient temperature) and materials suitability will be carried out to refine the design.

Prof. Doug Hopkins

Director - Laboratory for Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems (PREES), NSF FREEDM Systems Center on January 24, 2020 at 1:00 PM in NC State ECE YouTube

Sourish Sankar Sinha is the student presenter for this event.

FREEDM Technical Webinar

At the FREEDM Center, we’re building the internet of energy: a network of distributed energy resources that intelligently manages power using secure communications and advanced power electronics. Our research priorities include power electronics packaging, controls theory, solid state transformers, fault isolation devices, and power systems simulation and demonstration.