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Troxler Senior Design Center

The Troxler Design Center is named in recognition of William F. Troxler, and is dedicated to the Department’s Senior Design courses. Originally located in Daniels Hall, the center moved in the Fall of 2005 to a larger facility in Engineering Building II.

At ~2,000 sq. ft., the Troxler Design Center is the ECE Department’s largest lab, and contains workspace and storage space as well as multiple meeting areas for group meetings or presentations. Large, high-quality workbenches make up the 20 stations for project teams, which also include a dedicated computer for each team. Cutting-edge test equipment and instruments are provided throughout the lab, thanks in large part to the generous donations of William F. Troxler and the Troxler family.

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Senior Design Highlights

ECE Senior Design is a two-semester capstone course that takes students through an entire product development cycle.  All courses up to this point expose students to technical and theoretical training.  In Senior Design, students leverage their technical and theoretical training and apply it to an open-ended design problem.  We work with industry partners and campus research units to define real world design problems for student teams to address. They learn to research and consider various design options. They work as at team with their sponsors to design, integrate and test their final solution.

Assignments during the two semesters include:

  • Market Research
  • Defining Product Requirements
  • Designing System Architectures
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design Reviews
  • Choosing Hardware Components/Software
  • Program Status Reviews
  • Maturing Prototypes through Alpha, Beta and Final Stages

Their experience ends with their presentation to judges, companies, faculty and the public on ECE Design Day at the McKimmon Center.