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Underwater Robotics Club

You can bring a wolf to water, but you can not make it a fully autonomous underwater robot

So we build underwater autonomous robots!

The Underwater Robotics Club is student-run and always open to new members from any major; all we ask is that they are passionate about robots.

Building the robot is an iterative process, that is, ever-evolving. As such, we are working on building the newest version of our SeaWolf robot line: SeaWolf VIII. This robot will once again look vastly different than the ones before it. As we are always looking for ways to improve our robots from the ground up, each version of SeaWolf is a complete rebuild.

The URC team works outside of the classroom not only to build a competitive robot but to also improve each other’s technical skills and spread the passion of robotics throughout the community. We take our robot, SeaWolf, to various outreach events. An example of one of these events is teaching elementary school students on how they can get involved in robotics at an early age.

Ultimately, Seawolf competes in the RoboSub Competition. This competition is held annually in San Diego, and features teams from around the world.

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ECE is host to a variety of student organizations with goals to build leadership, provide future career opportunities, excel at international competitions, and dive deeply into specific engineering subject matter. These organizations even do everything from building race cars to rockets to submarines.

ECE Student Ambassadors

The ECE Student Ambassador program started during the 2015-2016 academic year and is a team of diverse and dynamic student leaders committed to the NC State motto of Think and Do!

Ambassadors are representatives of the Department and University and exemplify professionalism and campus pride. Students chosen for the program eagerly contribute their time facilitating campus tours and hosting special events targeted to prospective students and their families, industry representatives, and the community at large.