Associate Vice Chancellor Announces Campus Security Measures

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Associate Vice Chancellor Announces Campus Security Measures

Mar 18, 2003

From an email message to NC State campus, David Rainer, Associate Vice Provost for Environmental Health and Public Safety:

As you are aware, the federal government has established the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The first priority of this department is to protect the nation against terrorist attack. The DHS has established a Homeland Security Advisory System that is intended to keep the public informed about the existing threat level to the country.

NC State Campus Police monitor the threat level from the Homeland Security Advisory System and other sources, and have instituted a number of measures to increase security of NC State’s people, projects and facilities. Some of the actions currently being taken by Campus Police include:

  • Maintaining an updated contact list to make proper notifications for any event
  • Meeting on a regular basis with the State Bureau of Investigation and the Raleigh Police Department, who will assist as needed in responding to any threat or incident
  • Addressing concerns with university assets deemed critical
  • Increasing patrols of residence halls
  • Increasing driver checkpoints entering, exiting and around campus both day and night
  • Assessing what further measures need to be taken if a threat level “red” arises.
Additionally, university departments and units have taken the following actions in preparing for any potential threat:

  • The university’s sworn police officers have received anti-terrorism training, and have participated in domestic terrorism drills along with other local law enforcement and emergency response agencies.
  • Emergency drills are routinely held on campus each year, providing training on topics such as securing facilities and critical university assets, evacuating areas of campus, and providing safe housing, medical supplies and essentials for members of the campus community.
  • A Crisis Communication Team is in place to coordinate and disseminate information in an emergency.
In the event of an emergency, the campus community will be notified through several channels, including e-mail, messages on the university and Campus Police Web sites ( and respectively), and recorded messages by telephone at 513-8888, and through an existing emergency dialup network. We recommend that members of the community closely monitor world events through news sources.

University Operations:

Any change to the normal operating schedule of the university will be posted on the NC State University Web site. You may also call 513-8888 for information.

Certain facilities will require more stringent security procedures. These measures, while inconvenient, are for the safety of staff and students. This may include restricted parking, display of identification cards and other measures. All persons affiliated with the university should carry their university-issued ID card while on campus.

Suspicious Activity, Persons, Packages:

We encourage people to report suspicious activity to the Campus Police at 515-3333 immediately. Be alert for individuals acting suspiciously, such as taking pictures or watching critical facilities, or asking unusual questions about facilities or operations.

The following link lists procedures concerning suspicious packages or mail at NC State:

The following link contains information concerning anthrax:

Personal Actions:

The Federal Government is recommending several precautions that individuals might decide to take. These are listed at

Please keep yourself informed of national events. We recommend that you and your family develop an alternative way to communicate with each other in case phone service is interrupted.

Campus administrators and other department leaders seeking additional sources of information related to homeland security preparation on college campuses are encouraged to visit

While we have not received or been alerted to any specific threats to our campus, we remain diligent in constantly maintaining security levels during this period of high national alert. Upon notification of an increased threat to NC State University, the management team will determine how best to protect and inform the campus community.

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