Supporting the Future of ECE

Investing in NC State ECE is one of the most essential ways to get involved. Support your Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Day of Giving 2019!

NC State counts on alumni and supporters’ generosity to support students as they embark on earning a world-class education—and faculty members, as they conduct research that is changing the world. Your support is critical to improving teaching experiences with better lab equipment, fabrication and design facilities, and classrooms. Educating the next generation of leaders requires hiring the next generation of scholars from the best places in the world. Encouraging social and intellectual interaction requires spaces where both students and faculty connect outside of the classroom. Take a look at some alumni’s contributions and see how they drive the future of NC State’s extraordinary Think and Do spirit that has allowed us to take our place among the nation’s top-performing universities.

With this being NC State’s first-ever Day of Giving, this is a great opportunity for our alumni, friends, and parents to get involved in a fun and exciting way. This is an important day for our department as well. All the gifts made to the ECE Enhancement Fund can have a bigger impact because of all the challenges during the day. Donors can potentially have twice their intended impact!””
—Chris Price, ECE Director of Development

The Troxler Design Center is the ECE Department’s largest lab, and contains workspace and storage space as well as multiple meeting areas for group meetings or presentations. With 20 stations for project teams, which also include a dedicated computer for each team, students can work their hardest with cutting-edge test equipment and instruments that are provided throughout the lab, thanks in large part to the generous donations of William F. Troxler and the Troxler family.

Corporate donations and gifts play an important role in helping ECE maintain its outstanding teaching labs and support ECE faculty members. They also are an ideal way for companies to gain exposure at one of the nation’s top electrical and computer engineering programs. Some of our most popular instructional labs benefit from industry donations, including our Nanofabrication facility, which has a full range of micro and nano-fabrication capabilities including photolithography, reactive ion etching, low-pressure chemical vapor deposition, rapid thermal anneal, thermal oxidation, solid source diffusion and many more! Our students benefit from the latest technology to make their projects stand out amongst the competition, and gives them hands-on experience cutting-edge industry tools.

While freshman are still getting their first real view of calculus, physics, and chemistry, their sophomore classmates are diving head-first into digital systems, circuits and signals. Seniors are completing challenging design projects that push the limits of technology, as they get ready to enter the workforce. It’s an exciting and important time for all of them! The electrical and computer engineering curriculum is designed to allow each student the opportunity to gain knowledge and complete comprehension of all concepts in this field. The department is able to see that these demands are met by maintaining teaching labs, technical support staff, modern computing equipment, and industry standard software. The labs include spaces devoted to embedded systems, integrated circuit design, microelectronics, power electronics, wireless networking, and mechanics.

In the process of late night cram sessions for prelims, labs that don’t always go as expected, and breakthroughs expand the field, so much gets shared, and strong bonds are formed. Your support of our facilities gives our students and faculty the tools they need to be successful. So many of our alumni and supporters are the reason for making a difference in how our NC State ECE students learn, both inside and outside of the classroom. Support for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Day of Giving—March 27, 2019—vastly impacts the ECE Department’s ability to provide life-changing opportunities to current students, as well as attract and mentor the best and brightest engineers of the future.

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