John Muth Receives Outstanding Research Award from NC State

Congratulations to ECE Professor, John Muth, for receiving the 2022 Outstanding Research Award.

NC State announced the recipients of the 2022 Outstanding Research Award. Among the six recipients is ECE Professor John Muth. Receiving this award allows faculty members to be inducted into the Research Leadership Academy which consists of excellent faculty members in diverse fields who enhance NC State’s research culture.

Those who are nominated for the Outstanding Research Award must demonstrate excellence in discovery and/or innovation, the creation of new knowledge, and/or the synthesis of existing knowledge in new and creative ways to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings; long-term commitment to and excellence in mentoring of faculty at NC State, and record of, and desire to continue, service to the NC State research community.

Muth helped establish PowerAmerica — a $140 million Department of Energy award — at NC State. He also co-founded the Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) Center. He mentors undergraduates, graduate students, community college students and high-schoolers. College of Engineering Dean Louis A. Martin-Vega said, “He is a recognized innovator working with small companies and large industries in a variety of contexts from start-ups here in the Research Triangle to multimillion-dollar collaborations in the PowerAmerica Institute.”

Muth’s lab research works with wide bandage semiconductors including Gallium Nitride and Zinc Oxide and a variety of materials to make quantum dots and other nanostructures. His goal is to grow novel semiconductor materials, characterize their optical and electrical properties, and fabricate novel optoelectronic devices. Muth received his Bachelor’s degree in 1988 from Cornell University in Applied Engineering Physics and his Ph.D. from NC State University in 1998 in Solid State Physics.

Congratulations to John Muth for receiving the Outstanding Research Award and for being inducted into Research Leadership Academy.

John Muth

Distinguished Professor
 Monteith Research Center (MRC) 322C
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