Bhattacharya receives two first-place paper awards at ECCE 2022

Subhashish Bhattacharya received two first-place paper awards at the ECCE 2022 conference from the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS).

Subhashish Bhattacharya, ECE Duke Energy Distinguished Professor, received two first-place paper awards at the ECCE 2022 conference from the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS).

ECCE is the foremost IEEE conference in the field of electrical and electromechanical energy conversion. ECCE 2022 featured both industry-driven and application-oriented technical sessions, as well as industry expositions and seminars. It provided engineers, researchers, and professionals with a perfect blend of state-of-the-art, technical prowess and commercial opportunities in one attractive location.

The IEEE IAS, a co-sponsor of the event, is interested in the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and controls to the processes and equipment of industry and commerce; promotion of safe, reliable and economic installations; industry leadership in energy conservation and environmental, health, and safety issues; creation of voluntary engineering standards and recommended practices; and the professional development of its membership.

The Electric Machines Committee presents the 2021 First Prize Paper Award to Bhattacharya or the manuscript co-authored with S. Simizu, K.Byelry, K Schneider, H. Kim, M. Nations, S. Narasimhan, R. Beddingfied and M. McHenry Entitled, titled “Flux Switching Permanent Magnet Motor with Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite Soft Magnetic Material and Rare Earth Free Permanent Magnets.”

The Power Electronic Devices and Components committee presents the 2022 First Prize Paper Award to Bhattacharya for the manuscript co-authored with Kevin Byerly, Satoru Simizu, Michael McHenry, Paul Ohodnicki, Byron Beddingfield and Geraldo Nojima, titled “Permeability Engineered Soft Magnetics for Power Dense Energy Conversion.

Bhattacharya received his bachelor’s from IIT Roorkee, India, a master’s degree from IISc, India, and Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all in electrical engineering. He worked in the FACTS and Power Quality group at Westinghouse, which later became part of Siemens Power, from 1998 to 2005. He joined the Department of ECE at NC State in August 2005, where he is the Duke Energy Distinguished Professor and a founding faculty member of NSF ERC FREEDM Systems Center, Advanced Transportation Energy Center and the US DOE initiative on WBG-based Manufacturing Innovation Institute – PowerAmerica – at NC State.

Join us in congratulating Bhattacharya on his two-time recognition from IEEE IAS ECCE!

Subhashish Bhattacharya

Duke Energy Distinguished Professor
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