Subhashish Bhattacharya

Duke Energy Distinguished Professor


Subhashish Bhattacharya received his B.E. from IIT Roorkee, India, M.E. from IISc, India, and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all in electrical engineering. He worked in the FACTS and Power Quality group at Westinghouse, which later became part of Siemens Power, from 1998 to 2005. He joined the Department of ECE at NC State in August 2005, where he is Duke Energy Distinguished Professor and a founding faculty member of NSF ERC FREEDM Systems Center, Advanced Transportation Energy Center [ATEC] and the US DOE initiative on WBG based Manufacturing Innovation Institute – PowerAmerica - at NC State. His research interests are Solid-State Transformers, Integration of renewable energy resources, MV power converters enabled by HV SiC devices, FACTS, Utility applications of power electronics and power quality issues; DC Microgrids, high-frequency magnetics, active filters, and application of new power semiconductor devices such as SiC and GaN for converter topologies. His research is funded by several industries, NSF, DoE, ARPA-E, US Navy, ONR, NASA. He has over 600 publications and 10 patents with several pending patent applications.

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  • Ph.D. 2003
    Electrical Engineering
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Master's 1988
    Electrical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Bachelor's 1986
    Electrical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


  • IEEE

Highlighted Awards

Awards & Honors

  • 2012 - ABB Term Associate Professor

Recent News

Bhattacharya receives two first-place paper awards at ECCE 2022

Posted on February 6, 2023 | Filed Under: Awards and Faculty

Subhashish Bhattacharya received two first-place paper awards at the ECCE 2022 conference from the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS).

NC State ECE Faculty Members Ranked as Top Electronics and Electrical Engineers in United States

Posted on March 3, 2022 | Filed Under: News

Fourteen ECE faculty members have been ranked as the Top Electronics and Electrical Engineering Scientists in the United States.

Bhattacharya Elevated to IEEE Fellow

Posted on December 20, 2021 | Filed Under: Faculty and News

Subhashish Bhattacharya was honored with elevation to IEEE Fellow in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field and to power conversion systems and active power filters.

Media Mentions

Spotlight Q&A: Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya

July 16, 2018

Dr. Battacharya recently talked with FREEDM industry member Typhoon HIL and discussed how Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) reduced the cycle time of design, validation, and testing of DC Microgrid controllers from academia to industry.

Smart Transformers Will Make the Grid Cleaner and More Flexible

June 29, 2017

It would be hard to overstate the importance of transformers in our electrical networks. They’re literally everywhere: on poles and pads, in substations and on private property, on the ground and under it. There are probably dozens in your neighborhood alone. It’s hard to imagine a world without them. But Subhashish Bhattacharya and his colleagues are doing just that.

Software Regulates Voltage in Everyday APUs

September 16, 2015

NC State researchers have created software that manages all voltage regulation in an embedded system solely on the applications processor unit (APU), without resorting to expensive smart switch-mode power supplies (SMPSes) with their own microcontroller or application processors with higher-speeds than necessary just to ensure proper performance. Alexander Dean and Subhashish Bhattacharya, electrical & computer engineering, featured.


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