NC State ECE Faculty Members Ranked as Top Electronics and Electrical Engineers in United States

Fourteen ECE faculty members have been ranked as the Top Electronics and Electrical Engineering Scientists in the United States. is an online database that prioritizes making quality research visible. Its rankings are based on transparent procedures and on well-established metrics gathered from trusted data sources.

The ranking contains h-index, publications and citations values collected on Dec. 6, 2021.

The top engineers ranking is a reliable list of leading engineers from the area of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, based on a meticulous examination of more than 4,832 scientists on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph.

The h-index threshold for approving a scholar to be considered is set to 30 if most of their publications are in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The inclusion criteria for scholars to be considered into the ranking of top engineers are based on the discipline h-index, proportion of the contributions made within the given discipline in addition to the awards and achievements of the engineers. The discipline h-index threshold for listing top engineers is set as an increment of 10 depending on the total number of researchers estimated for each discipline whilst ensuring that the top 1% of leading engineers are considered into the ranking.

In the 8th edition of the top engineers ranking for Electronics and Electrical Engineering in the United States, Robert Heath ranked #4.

Dr. Robert W. Heath Jr. joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State in August 2020. From 2002 to 2020, he was with the University of Texas at Austin where he was involved in the leadership of their wireless group and created an initiative to bring together communications, sensing, and machine learning. Dr. Heath is also President and CEO of MIMO Wireless Inc. His research has been extensively funded by industry and government.

The following NC State faculty members were also ranked:

#222 Jayant Baliga
#287 Subhashish Bhattacharya
#369 Mo-Yuen Chow
#444 Ismail Guvenc
#551 Iqbal Husain
#875 Fred Kish
#967 Brian Floyd
#1019 Srjdan Lukic
#1073 Huaiyu Dai
#1265 Omer Oralkan
#1295 Daniel Stancil
#1313 Mesut Baran
#1378 Veena Misra

Congratulations to our ECE faculty members on your recognition from

Fred Kish

NNF Director
MC Dean Distinguished Professor

Iqbal Husain

Director, FREEDM Center
ABB Distinguished Professor

Daniel Stancil

Alcoa Distinguished Professor
Executive Director, IBM Quantum Hub

Brian Floyd

Alton and Mildred Lancaster Professor

Srdjan Lukic

Deputy Director, FREEDM
Distinguished Professor

Subhashish Bhattacharya

Duke Energy Distinguished Professor

Jay Baliga

Progress Energy Distinguished University Professor
Director, PSRC

Veena Misra

Department Head
MC Dean Distinguished University Professor

Mo-Yuen Chow

Professor Emeritus
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