Michael Steer

Professor Emeritus
 Monteith Research Center (MRC) 440
 Campus Box 7911


  • Ph.D. 1983
    Electrical Engineering
    University of Queensland, Australia
  • Bachelor's 1976
    Electrical Enginering
    University of Queensland, Australia

Research Focus

  • Electronic Circuits and Systems
  • Computer-Aided Design / Modeling
  • Electromagnetic Fields / Antenna Analysis
  • Microwave Devices and Circuits

Awards & Honors

  • 2017 - Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence 2017, the highest faculty honor bestowed by North Carolina State University.
  • 2013 - R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Extension, the highest faculty honor in the College of Engineering, NC State University
  • 2011 - Distinguished Educator Award, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • 2011 - Inducted into the Electronic Warfare Technology Hall of Fame, the Association of Old Crows
  • 2011 - Named one of the “Most Creative Teachers in the South” by Oxford American Magazine
  • 2010 - Certificate of Appreciation for Distinguished Service to his College, University and Nation, College of Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • 2010 - Microwave Prize, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • 2007 - Distinguished Service Recognition Award, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • 2003 - ALCOA Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award (NC State)
  • 2003 - Jack S. Kilby Lecturer
  • 2001, 1998 - Service Recognition Award, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • 2000 - Certificate of Appreciation from the Automatic RF Techniques Group
  • 1999 - IEEE Fellow, for contributions to the computer aided engineering of non-linear microwave and millimeter-wave circuits
  • 1996, 1994 - U.S. Army Research Bronze Medallion for Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment
  • 1987 - Presidential Young Investigator Award
  • 1977 - Commonwealth Postgraduate Research Award

Recent News

Steer and Colleagues Research Acoustics For Security Applications

Posted on September 24, 2010 | Filed Under: News

DepartmentHistoryFacilitiesDiversitySpotlightEmploymentFaculty AwardsStaff AwardsGraduationVisit NEWSROOM Michael SteerJun 19, 2017 Imagine a tool that uses sound waves to help identify land mines, roadside bombs or suicide bombers. North C …

Recent Media Mentions

NCSU gets part of $4.3M to study acoustics

September 24, 2010

Dr. Michael Steer, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at NCSU, says one technology that could emerge from this research is a pocket-sized device that warns soldiers of nearby roadside bombs and suicide bombers.


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