2020 Promoted and Tenured Faculty

Congratulations to five outstanding ECE faculty members who were promoted to Professor or granted tenure this year.

Promotion and tenure mark major milestones in the academic lives of NC State faculty. Promoted faculty have met rigorous standards in their realms of responsibility, and tenured faculty have made a significant impact in their discipline.

“Our faculty, even during the toughest of times, continue to engage in outstanding teaching, research and service that make NC State a model in higher education,” said Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden. “We sincerely appreciate their tireless efforts and want to mark these monumental achievements in their respective careers.”

Promoted and tenured faculty in all disciplines play an integral role in advancing NC State’s mission and vision, and in achieving the university’s strategic goals to better serve fellow faculty, staff, students and the greater community.

“With promotion and tenure come expanded opportunities for leadership in and out of the classroom and lab,” said Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Katharine Stewart. “I look forward to seeing how each one of these faculty members continue to serve NC State and the greater community.”

ECE Faculty Promoted to Full Professor

ECE Faculty Granted Tenure

Congratulations to all newly-promoted and tenured faculty for their accomplishments and significant contributions to the success of academics at NC State.

Cranos Williams

Goodnight Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Analytics
Platform Director, NC Plant Sciences Initiative
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